Owner Access

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The Board regularly communicates with the owners and will use this website to provide interim updates on topics of interest to the owners. Some of the most recent letter to owners are listed in the box to the right. In addition, a number of relevant documents are posted on this site for easy access. See the box to the right. To obtain a copy of other Association records, please call CAMCO at 530-587-3355. Eric Wicks will provide copies by e-mail or US Mail.

The Ski Trails Condominium Association was established in 1974. Original Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) were recorded in 1973 and amended in 2000. The purpose of the Association is to be a condominium management association organized and operated to oversee the maintenance and care of the Ski Trails Condominium common property and privately owned property with regard to its responsibility for repair and maintenance. Owners automatically become members of the Association with condominium ownership.